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Crafting Peace is a design label and philosophy.

"It's all about putting bread on the table and to
use craft to enlarge compassion within our-
selves, between families, villages and nations"

...bead by bead, colour by colour, stitch by stitch.

Crafting Peace Lab and Collections

The overall approach of Crafting Peace is to co-create design products with craftsmen in fragile countries.


Crafting is a method of tapping someone’s (often undiscovered) potential using hand, head and heart. 

Nevertheless crafting – as graceful, authentic and artistic it may appear – simply means to be able 

to make a living for yourself and your family in some parts of the world.


Presented second collection at Maison & Objet

The collection ‘Crafting Peace with Boumi’ is made and co-designed by Boumi, a craft company

 in Kabul, Afghanistan. With the 2nd collection, Crafting Peace is not only confirming its unique and 

high quality craftsmanship and design, it is showing determination to continuously create beauty 

and doing business in a war struck county.